Sharing  Є  Knowledge

Welcome to Plumadore.COM

What a great thing to have.  A place to collect and display and share knowledge.

What we're doing......

We're here to accumulate knowledge and disseminate as far as possible the facts and truths gathered herein. However, keep in mind that everything....yes, everything is relative.  Relative to a moment in time, and relative to your point of view at that moment in time.

Good Tech News sites: ExtremeTech, Tom's Hardware, CNet News

Download Trillian! I've been using an IM client called Trillian for over a year now.  The free version was so cool, I actually bought the pay version.  Give it a try!

 VMware is Virtual Infrastructure VMWare is a very cool tool for experimenting with multiple OS's.  I've just started using it again, and it is MUCH improved from about 5 years ago.  And, they are supporting the academic environment by offering attractive discounts.

We've set up a logo eStore that has a few interesting items on it with logos that I've designed.  Some are good and some aren't as good.  But, we'll be working on them.  CafePress is hosting the store at

A little about the logo - I enjoy the concept of sharing what I know and I thought a mathematical symbol to represent the concept that sharing is really a part of knowledge could be fun.  I originally thought the "subset" would be a good one, then the "element of" ( Є ) struck me as better.  So I'll try that one for a bit and see if it fits.

Here's a collection of names, phrases, and terms that inspired me a couple of years ago...I'm still inspired and still sorting them out: Ian Jukes, Ray Kurzweil, Bill Joy, George Gilder, Telecosm (book), Tipping Point (book), concept of "information depreciation", concept of "technology fusion", Paul Saffo, what is a "futurist", systems thinking, training, learning organization, paradigm, pedagogy, etc.

I believe Ian Jukes said this in one of his presentations I attended, "we should be preparing students for their future, not our past".  As an educator at a major university, I'm frequently thinking about this and how to help folks prepare themselves.